5 stories told in pictures

Photo by Môsieur J. [version 7.0.1]
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Maybe some pictures say a thousand words, but some pictures go further and tell stories. With one frame we can read into what the characters are feeling, what their relationships are, what has happened so far, and what is about to happen.

VisualPhotoGuide.com has found 5 pictures, each tells its own story.

Photo by canhasal

1. Waiting princess

The costume adds a lot to set the story of this picture, but it’s the emotion captured on the face that placed it in our list.  The photographer captured the emotion by photographing the subject from the left. According to ScienceDaily, the left side of the face is the best side for capturing emotion.

Photo by Cubmundo

2. Winning swagger

The photographer describes his subjects as having “swagger;” which is, in essence, confidence. It’s an accurate description of how this image portrays the two characters. You can almost hear the soundtrack to this frame.

Photo by vir nakai

3. Easy Riders

This shot could easily be the opening of a movie or perhaps the closing credits. The dry grass and clear sky tell us how hot it must be, the open road gives us the idea of freedom. Where the riders are going, or where they are coming from are open to the imagination – but it’s a story waiting to be told.

Photo by Môsieur J. [version 7.0.1]

4. Waiting

The photographer of this photo asked his viewers to imagine a story based on his picture. He saw that there were many questions raised by his subject. Who do the shoes belong to? Is she waiting? Has she walked a long way?

Photo by AntoGros

5. The daily catch

This image by Antony Grossy tells a story most of us in the West don’t get to see. This fisherman takes care to bait his hook in a small pond in Kerala, India. We can only wonder what his life is like, but through Grossy’s lens, we get a peephole into it.

Photo by strollers

From catching fish to catching baseballs, from princesses to bikers, the possible subjects of any picture are endless. What makes a picture tell a story? It’s the question the picture asks. When the image makes us wonder what’s going on beyond the frame, the moments before and the moments after the picture was taken; it’s those times when the picture takes on a story of its own.

Photo by mikebaird

Perhaps the photographer intended to tell a different story than the one we see. If we ask them, they may answer all our questions for us. Does the picture lose its magic then? Or is the story in whatever lies just outside the view of the camera?



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