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Hi & welcome to Visual Photo Guide. I launched this website as a way to share my own experiences with taking digital photos and offering useful tips and tricks I learn along the way. I invite you to contribute to this website/blog in the comments and help me grow this website into a quality resource where we can all learn how to become a better weekend photographers.

What this website isn’t:

  • a professional’s guide to photography
  • a jargon-filled guide
  • a pontificating one-way lecture on how photographs should be taken

What this website is:

  • an experimental way to share my experiences
  • tips and tricks on different techniques I pick up along the way
  • a discussion for beginners and digital camera enthusiasts
  • an attempt to explain things visually (via photos and video)

Thanks for stopping by. Please subscribe to the feed or leave a comment below to introduce yourself or contact us here.

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