Finding the Right Shot While Traveling the Globe

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More and more photographers are discovering new opportunities in their travels around the world. We all know that when the right image or inspiration finds us, no vacation can hold us back from acting on it.

Italian photographer Eddy Galeotti has applied his affinity for shooting his homeland to capture the beauty that’s found in other countries as well. What lessons can Galeotti offer as you plan your professional travels?

1. Love the traveling first and foremost.

Even before Galeotti was a photographer, he loved to see the world. If your heart isn’t in the journey, you won’t uncover your passion for shooting.

2. Make due with the access you have.

It can be frustrating if you lack credentials to get inside some of the world’s most famous attractions. In a nutshell, this is a setback you’ll frequently have to deal with. Instead of sulking, turn your attention to the panorama around you. No two cities are exactly alike, and figure out how to highlight the individuality of these landscapes.

3. Get creative.

Since so many photographers have shot famous landmarks and locations before, it could be challenging to offer a new look on an old spot. Seek out the details or views that others may not have honed in on when they visited. Make your perspective an original one.

Here are some of Galeotti’s best shots from his travels:


Eddy Galeotti /


Eddy Galeotti /


Eddy Galeotti /


Eddy Galeotti /


Eddy Galeotti /

Read more about Galeotti’s travels on Shutterstock’s blog.

Danny Groner is the manager of blogger partnerships and outreach for Shutterstock.

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