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You’re getting married. Congratulations. Now that you have found that one person that makes your life complete, you have to find that one person who can capture it all on film.

I am also getting married, and it wasn’t long after we became engaged that my fiancé and I knew that finding a photographer was one of the most crucial things on our to-do list. I’m a regular contributor to Visual Photo Guide and so I thought I’d share our journey to find our dream photographer with you. Join me on this seven part series as I investigate photographers and find the perfect one to capture my day.

Finding the right photographer can be as difficult a task as meeting the love of your life. There are so many styles and prices, and the wrong photographer could make your beautiful wedding look like a bad date. The right dress, the right venue, and the right décor could look all wrong unless the photographer you choose shares your vision. And once the dress is packed away, and the decorations are taken down, all you will have left of your wedding will be those pictures. They have to be a perfect as your fiancé. So, how do you meet the right photographer?


Shop around

It almost goes without saying, but we wouldn’t be doing our do diligence if we didn’t advise you to take the time and check out many photographers in your area. Begin  by talking to friends, join chat rooms, and do Google searches for local photographers. This is an important choice and even if the first photographer you see is the one you go with, we still recommend making sure that you’ve searched out all your options.

Have them call you

While searching out photographers is something we highly recommend, it can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Anything you can do to make your job simpler and take the stress out of wedding planning is vital in order to have a happy engagement.

Sites like turns the tables. Instead of soliciting photographers for their attention, we let them barter for your business. All you do in put in a request for the sort of service you are looking for (in this case a wedding photographer) and your location. Once you’ve put in a few easy details, like your email and what you’re after, you simply wait. The photographers will come to you. When my fiancé and I tried it, we had half a dozen bids from photographers in our area. They told us what service they could provide and their pricing breakdown. They also sent us links to galleries on their websites for us to look flip through.

Then, once you have your emails from these photographers you can pick the ones that sound the best to you to contact with questions and for an interview. It’s a great time saver.

Go to the hot spots

Wedding shows are a great place to meet your photographer. These are the single bars of the wedding service industry, and tons of fun. Take your bridesmaids, mother, or make it a date for you and your fiancé. Go and taste cake, get trial make-up and hair done, try catered food, enter contests, and meet photographers.

This will have the same pleasant effect of photographers vying for your attention. Take the opportunity to meet with the photographers, view their displays, and have a brief conversation to see if they fit into your budget and style. Be sure to enter their contests or find out about the special offers they have for the event. Unless you know straight away that it isn’t a good fit, then give them your information, take theirs, and continue enjoying the show.

After attending a wedding show last Saturday, I received another half dozen phone calls and emails from vendors who wanted to meet with me.  A good way to weed out the photographers that are not a good fit is to see if they contact you after you spoke to them in the weeks after the event. There were a few photographers who said they’d contact me and never did. That’s not someone I want to do business with. Also check out their websites and it would not be a bad idea to email or leave comments for those photographers that got you the most excited.

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