Finding your wedding photographer – The PhotoBooth

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This is part 4 in our “Finding your wedding photographer” series

The newest fad in wedding photography is the PhotoBooth. It’s a great way to entertain your guests while ensuring you get a picture of each and every one of them. Consider the PhotoBooth as an amusing activity for cocktail hour while you’re off having your professional photos taken or as an alternative to the traditional guestbook. These photos also make great additions to thank you notes.

While at a bridal show, my mom and I got to try out one of these PhotoBooths and take the pictures home. It was great fun and it led me to dig deeper into this new fad, let me share what I found in the fourth part of this seven part series.

Why are they so popular
Visual Photo Guide spoke with two recent brides to find out what they think of the new PhotoBooth trend. Jen got married September 2011 and even though she had a small wedding of only 50 guests, she chose to hire a PhotoBooth for her special day.

“We loved having a PhotoBooth at our wedding and I think our guests really enjoyed it, too,” said Jenn. “We picked [Photobooth Vancouver] because we had tried them out at a couple of other events and we liked how they came out.”

“We got to pick what background we wanted and we designed the logo that went at the bottom of the pictures. It can be pricey so we only had ours going for 2 hrs but that was more than enough time for everyone to use it that wanted to. Afterwards they sent us a high res disk with all the pictures on it.”

Jen and Heather in the PhotoBooth at Jen's weddingphoto by Photobooth Vancouver

Jen and Heather in the PhotoBooth at Jen’s wedding
photo by Photobooth Vancouver

The choice to pass
Heather was a guest at Jenn’s wedding (pictured above), and also a bride later in the autumn of 2011. “We had a lot of fun at our friends’ weddings who had the photobooth however we decided in the end that it wasn’t an expense we wanted,” Heather told  Visual Photo Guide. “We didn’t want to do something everyone else did. And in the end we were happy with our choice because the PhotoBooth became the focus of the bride and groom. They spent most of their time there… They had to be in everyone’s pictures and didn’t spend time on the dance floor or being as social.”
Even though Heather decided against the PhotoBooth, she enjoyed the feature at other weddings and saw the positives of including it in their special days. “Everyone had fun and a picture with the bride and groom.”

What you get
My local photo booth rental starts between $300 and $700 for the basic packages. This includes booth setup and takedown, 2 hours of service, unlimited PhotoBooth usage, personalize designs, Message, or Logos on every photo strip, and an experienced and friendly on-site attendant. In some cases it also includes a scrapbook, USB or DVD of the photos, an online password protected photo gallery, as well as complimentary prop kit rental with things like hats, crazy glasses, chains, scarfs, et cetera.

These aren’t always like the PhotoBoothes in the mall. Often times, your photographer will set up a backdrop and a camera onsite. In this case there is a lot more legroom and the pictures are much better quality. Your photographer might offer a PhotoBooth or have contacts in the area. Ask her if she can suggest a package that will suit your budget and needs.

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[Image credit: Photobooth Vancouver with permission from “Jen” and “Heather” ]

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