How to Find Beautiful Models (Without Paying Them)

Beautiful Model
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Have you been hitting your head against the wall wondering how to find models to shoot?

Well, we’ve got some good news…

Beautiful models are only a click away, and no you don’t have to pay them!

Free Models, Huh?

Yes you heard us right, free models that are both beautiful and professional. Finding gorgeous models that are willing to work for free is not actually as hard as you may have imagined. You just need to look in the right places.

Photo by Thiru Murugun

Where to Look

So where do you look?

There are plenty of sites out there offering a place to create, share and connect with other photographers, models and all sorts of creatives such as hair stylists, make up artists and even designers. Check out some of these places below:


Testing, Testing 123

Once you find a site that you vibe with, (personally we love Model Mayhem) all you have to do is sign up for a free account, set up your portfolio and start searching for your dream model. Ever heard the phrase TFP or TFCD? Basically this translates as Time For Print or Time For CD where both you and the model exchange your services for free. You get a free and willing model and the model gets free photographs to enhance and grow their portfolio. Everyone wins!

Photo by davidyuweb

How to Find the Cream of the Crop

With so many models competing against each other, it can be hard to navigate these overly populated sites. Finding the cream of the crop so to speak, can be tricky, but once you know a few proven tricks and tips you’re inbox will be flooded with beautiful models begging to shoot with you.

  • Optimize your portfolio – It’s all about editing. You might have loads of great landscapes or journalistic shots, but they won’t be the ones to catch the eye of a beautiful model. Keep your portfolio clean and simple, and use only your very best images. Less really is more!
  • Get critiqued – One of the best elements of these creative platforms is the forums. Criticism can be hard to take, but it will only help you to improve.
  • Aim high – Don’t be afraid to approach models that are out of your league. The more experience they have the better. Complete newbies can be difficult to work with as they have no idea what they are doing.

Photo by Celebfashion LA

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