How to Get Unique Perspectives With Your Photography

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Do you want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to photography?

If you are standing upright, snapping obvious subjects from obvious perspectives, then your resulting photographs are going to end up nothing more than well…obvious.

Every photographer wants to catch the viewer’s attention and differentiate themselves from the masses. Wanna know one of the quickest and easiest ways to do it?

Unique, unusual and fresh perspectives!

It’s all about altering the way you view the world. Be prepared to receive some strange looks from passers by and don’t be afraid to get a little dirty in the process.

Crouch Down to Toddler’s Height

Sometimes it is as simple as crouching down to a toddler’s height to see the world anew. Crouching is a great way to get a more interesting and dynamic angle, plus it amplifies the magnitude of your surroundings.

Lie Down on Your Back

If you want an even lower perspective then it’s time to lie down on your back. Lying down gives you a chance to a snap a perspective that most people never experience. After all, who lies down in the middle of a busy city street to check out the view…?

Get Up Close

Getting up close to your subject will help create an abstract view point and texture. When an image becomes unrecognizable you can be sure you’ve caught something unique.

Close up photography allows you to capture things you may not have previously thought was possible. By moving in closer you will discover new details that were just a blur of colors from a distance, and the natural world for instance, begins to take on a whole new look.

Bird’s Eye View

A higher vantage point can make for some incredibly powerful imagery. Whether you’re only slightly elevated or are photographing from a great height, a bird’s eye view adds instant impact. When the viewer begins to question how the heck you managed to capture that shot, you know you’re on the right lines.

Focus on Shadows

Have you ever considered taking your average subject, such as a child on a swing, and focusing on the subjects shadow rather than the subject itself? Shadows can add a lot to an image. They can emphasize emotions, create surreal images, and they can dramatize atmosphere.

Be on the lookout for interesting shadows during all times of the day, and keep in mind that the most striking of shadows appear when the sun is at a low angle.

Pay Attention to the Details

When exploring a new location don’t quickly bounce from attraction to attraction, as you’ll undoubtedly miss valuable shots in between. Pay attention to the details, such as the doorways, fence posts, the people, and just about everything else that makes up the surroundings.

Be Your Own Subject

If the situation arises, be prepared to act as your own subject. You may come across the perfect scene, but know full well it would be enhanced with a person in the frame. If this is the case, don’t hang around and jump right in there! You’ll find yourself to be much easier to direct than most subjects.

Have Fun With It…

Let go of any inhibitions, have fun exploring the world around you and experiment with different viewpoints – before long you are sure to capture something truly unique.


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