Perfect Photo Suite 7 lives up to its name

Photo by Jo McClelland, 
Blast Furnace Park, Lithgow, NSW 
Perfect Layers example
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I hate learning new software as a rule. I’d rather go in and get my work done then fiddle with a new feature that may only achieve a marginal improvement. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the new Perfect Photo Suite 7. It’s been a long time since a new photo suite has made me want to update my software.

Easy to learn
The new Perfect Photo Suite 7 opens with an easy to follow walk through pointing out the functions in natural short conversational bubbles. This introduction is easy to understand without being over simplified. Simply click through the initial introduction to the features and then you can dive right in, or if you’d like to have a more in-depth introduction, there are video tutorials available online.

Photo by Jo McClelland,
Blast Furnace Park, Lithgow, NSW

After effects
The Perfect Photo Suite 7 is like seven programs rolled into one, including new versions of Perfect Portrait, Perfect Effects, Perfect Layers and Perfect Resize as well as a brand new module called Perfect B&W which will enhance your black and white pictures. The first aspect of the program I played with was The Perfect Effects.

The effects were subtle but added a lot to my photos. In this example I layered three effects, Landscape; Magic City, the Bleach Bypass, and Color Correction; Color Enhance.

I loved this feature. There was what felt like endless choices to layer and they were easy to try without having to wait for the program to apply them. Once you’ve picked one effect, just remember to click “add” before you choose another to layer the effects, otherwise your new choice will replace your first layer. If you forget, a click on Undo in Edit will reapply your first  choice.

Photo by Jo McClelland,
Blast Furnace Park, Lithgow, NSW
Perfect Effects example

How to get it
Now that I’ve started, I’m hooked. I can’t wait to try spot focusing with the round focus bug and all the other ways to enhance my pictures. You’ll need Windows 7 or above to run the Perfect Photo Suite 7 on your PC and of course Mac versions are available as well.  There is a free download available but if you decide to purchase it, we’ve arranged for a special 15% discount for readers.  Head over to the Photo Perfect Suite 7 Website and use the following coupon code to save up to $45 dollars.
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We’d love to know what you think – let us know your thoughts on the software by commenting below.

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