Photomatix Coupon Code – Free Download & 15% Discount Promo

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Updated 9/23/2013

Photomatix Pro is by far my favorite program for creating and tone mapping HDR photos. It’s easy to use and gives you simple controls for getting the awesome color effects you see in all those great HDR’s, without having to open up Photoshop and knowing how to tone map by hand.

I recently got the people at HDRsoft to create a Photomatix coupon code for our readers (anyone can use it) for 15% off any of the HDR software programs:

This coupon code will work for any of these products:

  • Photomatix Pro (standalone + Lightroom plug-in)
  • Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle (standalone + plug-ins)
  • Photomatix Essentials / Light
  • Photomatix Plug-In for Apple Aperture
  • Photomatix Tone Mapping Plugin for Photoshop CS2/3/4/5/6

To get this discount applied to your order, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Photomatix  page
  • Click the buy button for the software version you need
  • In the box where it says “Coupon Code” put in: VPGo30x2013
  • Click the recalculate button
  • It will show you the special discount applied with your new price
  • Complete the rest of the order form
  • You MUST follow the Photomatix  page link in order for the discount to be applied

That should do it. To give you an example: the regular price of Photomatix Pro is $99 so with this coupon code you should be able to get it for $84.15.

Photomatix Coupon Code

Once you have Photomatix installed you can go through their short tutorial (which you can see once you launch the program). It’s pretty clear and easy to follow. Once you have a chance to experiment with your own HDR photos, you might want to join the Flickr HDR group. Hope to see you there.

28 Responses to Photomatix Coupon Code – Free Download & 15% Discount Promo

  1. jace says:
    Hi there,
    I want to get Photomatix but not sure which one to get. I have photoshop CS2 and just a beginner.
    Do I need Photomatix Pro or Photomatix Tone Mapping Plugin for Photoshop or Photomatix Bundle??

    Please advice

    sorry if i’ve asked in the wrong area here…


  2. Markus says:
    I usually just use standalone Photomatix Pro to combine and tone map the HDR photo. Then I save it and open the 16 bit file in Photoshop CS2 for further processing and adjustment (if it needs any).

    I would say Photomatix Pro by itself should probably suit your needs. Other people may do things differently, but this way has worked for me.

  3. KEVIN FRENCH says:
    I am about to purchase Elements 6 for my Mac, can your software work along side this on a mac?
  4. Markus says:
    Hi Kev, yes it will work. If you get the Mac version of Photomatix Pro, you’ll be able to generate the HDR images and save them as TIFF’s or JPG’s, after which you will be able to open them in Elements and make any other necessary modifications to the photo.

    I’d say use Photomatix to create the HDR, then use Elements to tweak the tone mapped photo to your liking.

  5. John Lines says:
    I have windows but Im thinking of switching to MAC. Do I have to buy a license for each system?
  6. Markus says:
    I’m not sure – you could probably email them and ask to see if you could use the same activation.
  7. Lew says:
    Do you offer a cd of photomatix pro? I have a home computer and one I travel with and would like to have it on both computers.
  8. Markus says:
    @Lew: You might want to email them to clarify what a license allows you to do but I have it downloaded on both my laptop and desktop without a problem.
  10. Markus says:
    @Edward: I would just get Photomatix Pro standalone. The Tone Mapping function in Photomatix Pro is currently a bit more advanced than the Tone Mapping offered as plug-in of Photoshop CS2 or CS3, so unless it’s really necessary for you to do it within Photoshop, I would get the standalone version and use each piece of software separately.
  11. karolpachulski says:
    prosze o darmowy cod do photomatix
  12. James Morris says:
    I have ordered Photomatix Pro for windows on order 28701756 but have not had an email from you acknowledging this. Please investigate.
  13. Markus says:
    @James. This is not HDRsoft. You need to email them directly, not us.
  14. bev hadland says:
    I’m a Mac user, is there a CD version of this product as I prefer this to downloading it.
  15. B. Foster says:
    Where can I buy Photomatix software in England please?
  16. Markus says:
    @B I would recommend buying Photomatix online as a download option. As long as you register you should be able to reinstall it or switch platforms, etc. At least that’s been my experience.
  17. RB says:
    Just ordered Photomatix HDR Pro and they stated that it was licensed for both platforms OSX and Windows.
  18. Hugh Breyer says:
    Will it work with Photoshop Elements 6? Are there any 3rd Party books out or will included documentation suffice?
  19. Markus says:
    @Hugh. The instructions that come with it should be all you need. Plus there’s a ton of tutorials out there that you can Google. It works just by itself, so you can use any program (like Photoshop Elements 6) after you generate the tone mapped image.
  20. Lee Davis says:
    When I purchase Photomatix Pro, how would I then install it onto my other computers and how many computers will it let me install it on?
  21. Markus says:
    @Lee: I’ve installed Photomatix Pro on 2 computers (twice on one machine due to a hard drive failure) without problems. You can always email HDRsoft to ask them what their official policy is.
  22. homero says:
    i work a lot whit skin and is getting hard to get nice tone on it and also i see HRD make my skin a bit to much i would like some time to have more control there.(in the skin) also the details how can i NOT abuse the efect /i really like when is just a litle bit but frm HRD in photoshop i get confuse.
    any advice?

    regard homero

  23. Jame Bat says:
    Great Blog! We have a similar site, and obtain a lot of spam. Can you face such problems? Can you please recommend some steps I take to combat spam. Thanks.
  24. Tom Rampton says:
    Many of the questions I see here are answered on the Photomatix website even before you order it (as I’m about to do). Questions about can you use it on a newer computer–yes. You just save the file you downloaded. Can you use it on a Mac and on Windows? Yes. And so forth. There’s also a list of supported RAW formats. I had to know whether my Panasonic GH1 will work, and yes to that.
  25. Thank you for posting this coupon code. I actually used a different coupon code, also 15% off, when I bought my own copy of Photomatix. I was so broke at the time that I wouldn’t have payed more than I did for the software.

    Anyway, I’m enjoying your blog. Keep up the awesome work!

  26. Found this post doing a Google search for Photomatix coupons. Thanks for the code! Bought the Pro bundled version yesterday and have been busy learning the standalone software. Just processed a sunset I took from apartment last night. Check it out here:
  27. Koowie says:
    Please post more coupon codes int he future. I didn’t know about this.
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