The Simplest and Most Powerful Way to Create Art

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The following is a guest post by my sister Ineta McParland, who who inspires me with her ability to see beauty in the smallest of forms with her pictures of animals and nature in Sarasota, FL.

a family of deer
photo credit: aneye4wonder

We are visual creatures. We rely mainly on our vision to survive in this world. We see pictures everywhere. In fact, we are inundated with pictures: printed, on TV, real life – constantly moving and changing. Everybody makes pictures: from drawing and painting to making graphs, having images in our minds to taking photos. Art is everywhere.

Yet from all the images that we see everyday, sometimes one stops you in the tracks, makes you think and takes your breath away. It could be a painting, a drawing, a photograph, or some other creation. Not only does the beauty pull you towards it, it feels like you were there when the moment was captured. It evokes a certain emotion, as if you can feel it, you can hear it, touch it or taste it. It is not only visual delight, it is so much more. Or, sometimes you can not put your finger on it, but it somehow draws you in like a magnet. It might evoke a distant memory or a secret desire. It totally captivates you and you are left speechless. You become one with the artist at that moment.

Now if you are on the other side and you want to create something that extraordinary, how do you do it? Simple – follow your passion. What in life captivates you? What takes your breath away? What makes your heart beat faster? What interests you so much that you want to learn more? What puts a smile on your face? What makes time fly? Immerse yourself in that moment, feel every feeling, every sensation in your body, and create what you see, imagine, hear, feel, touch. Express yourself through drawing, painting, creating, dancing, music or taking pictures frame by frame until you catch that right moment, that feeling that is deep inside of you. When it comes from your heart, it shows, and others will notice it.

Now when you’re ready to create your masterpiece, you may ask “what equipment should I use?”

The answer may surprise you: It really does not matter. If you can afford state-of-the art latest things, great for you, if you know how to use it. However, what I truly believe is that if you create or capture something that comes from your heart, that passion will radiate to the viewer no matter what equipment you will use. The moment will capture their hearts, as they captured yours by creating it. The passion will show and it will shine through.

2 Responses to The Simplest and Most Powerful Way to Create Art

  1. jenny says:
    wowwwwwwwww i truly 100% agree
  2. Kala says:
    I LOVE your point of view and how you have worded your opinions on art and photos. I have a passion for art but never got to follow through with it and I see the passion for it in my oldest daughter. Her father is pushing her hard toward college and I agree, but I only hope and pray she will also follow her passion for art along with college. My high school art teacher told me I could go far with my paintings but my life threw me in a different path and I could not afford to do the things I wanted to do anymore. Im now a homemaker, raising our children and therapudic foster children . Your words are so inspiring that i copied and pasted them for my daughter to read because I try to inspire my chidren to do the things I was never able to do.
    thank you

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