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Top Ten Locations for Stunning Photo Journalism

Photojournalism is about capturing the true essence of a moment. It is about using your camera to tell a story, without ever intentionally setting up a situation or scene.

Whether you are pursing your dream of becoming a photojournalist or are a seasoned veteran, you are sure to draw inspiration from these visually stunning and enchantingly enticing locations.


Morocco is an explosion of color, architecture, people and influence. The entire country is full of intense contrasts and a nonstop sensory experience. From the expansive Sahara and the magnificent snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the bustling market lined alleyways, the landscape is so diverse making it an exotic oasis for photographers of any kind.

New Guinea

This visually extraordinary country provides the chance to catch a glimpse into the lives of traditional communities still living off the land and knowing nothing of the cultures beyond their valleys. Tranquil rural scenes, erupting volcanoes and vibrant festivities are all in full swing every where you turn in New Guinea.


After many years of conflict and neglect, Serbia is finally being rediscovered by tourists and Serbs alike for its true beauty and culture. Home to one of the most dramatic and historic cities in Europe, the country has a spirit and soul that is rare to find.


The ever expansion of powerful societies and the destruction of local populations that get in the way is a story so close to the hearts of many in China. With cosmopolitan cities such as Shanghai blasting off into the future at lightning speeds, there is little time for nostalgia in this blossoming, yet deceivingly destructive country.


People sitting on stone sidewalks, playing musical instruments, and selling fresh fruits and nuts under colorful umbrellas is what you can expect to find in Portugal. The opportunities for candid portraiture are endless, with happy, smiling faces filling your lens with joyful serenity.


With European influences trickling in from the north causing reinvention throughout all the larger cities, combined with the countries ever prominent connection with its historical and culture roots, Italy offers a plethora of encapsulating subjects.


Peru really is heaven for photographers, not matter what you specialize in. The local tribes are one of the country’s main highlights, with their brightly colored costumes, silky dark hair and weathered faces. Of course, we cannot forget to mention the awe inspiring Machu Picchu surrounded by emerald green terraces and breathtaking summit views.


You could spend a lifetime trying to capture the essence of India and would barely even begin to scratch the surface. Filled with visually overwhelming architecture, landscapes, traditions and people, a trip to India is like stepping into an alternative reality.

South Korea

South Korea is a country of contrasts. Nevertheless, it has managed to retain a distinct cultural identity and resistance to outside domination. Their proud heritage coupled with the architectural joyfulness makes for a marvelous and unexpected experience.


Alive and bustling around the clock, Japan is like no other place on earth when it comes to people watching. The vibrant 24 hour city of Tokyo, with its neon signs, jumbotrons, and multiple wards, is sure to allure you in more ways than one.



Finding the Right Shot While Traveling the Globe

More and more photographers are discovering new opportunities in their travels around the world. We all know that when the right image or inspiration finds us, no vacation can hold us back from acting on it.

Italian photographer Eddy Galeotti has applied his affinity for shooting his homeland to capture the beauty that’s found in other countries as well. What lessons can Galeotti offer as you plan your professional travels?

1. Love the traveling first and foremost.

Even before Galeotti was a photographer, he loved to see the world. If your heart isn’t in the journey, you won’t uncover your passion for shooting.

2. Make due with the access you have.

It can be frustrating if you lack credentials to get inside some of the world’s most famous attractions. In a nutshell, this is a setback you’ll frequently have to deal with. Instead of sulking, turn your attention to the panorama around you. No two cities are exactly alike, and figure out how to highlight the individuality of these landscapes.

3. Get creative.

Since so many photographers have shot famous landmarks and locations before, it could be challenging to offer a new look on an old spot. Seek out the details or views that others may not have honed in on when they visited. Make your perspective an original one.

Here are some of Galeotti’s best shots from his travels:


Eddy Galeotti / Shutterstock.com


Eddy Galeotti / Shutterstock.com


Eddy Galeotti / Shutterstock.com


Eddy Galeotti / Shutterstock.com


Eddy Galeotti / Shutterstock.com

Read more about Galeotti’s travels on Shutterstock’s blog.

Danny Groner is the manager of blogger partnerships and outreach for Shutterstock.


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