Will casinos allow you to use your camera on their premises?

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Thanks to online casinos, more and more people have become interesting in gambling and the format of virtual venues makes it much less intimidating to learn table games as well as makes gaming much more accessible. Now when going on holiday, many vacationers wish to visit land based casinos as they do offer an experience that online ones such as GamingClub.com/au can’t. Many of these land-based casinos are quite grand with exquisite décor and themes. As a result, many travellers wish to take photos to preserve the memories for late on. However, many public places do not permit photography so before heading out, it’s a good idea to know if casinos will even permit camera usage.

Most casinos will not allow customers to bring their cameras onto the casino floor. Some will let them bring them into other sites within the complex but not into the actual casino and there are many different reasons for this. One is security, casinos worry that some may be taking pictures of casino operations for a potential heist. Cheating is also a big concern as card counting could occur, also, casinos have a lot of proprietary information in the casino that they really don’t want to get out through the use of photographs. There have been some people who can take a picture without being caught but this is rare – cell phones are also an issue with their camera functions.

Along with cell phones, there are other devices that include cameras, one of this is the new Google Glass. These are essentially eyeglasses that work more like a small computer. The wearer uses voice commands to do things like take pictures and film videos but even before they were officially released, many casinos have placed bans on them. Casinos do not like to have their activities recorded so this was a simple decision for them to make.

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