You Are So Talented

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When I look through web pages such as Flickr, deviantART, or StumbleUpon I get so inspired by everyone’s work. The most incredible part of this is that so much of this art is created by ordinary people like you and me.

There’s just so much beauty in the world and every single one of us has the ability to capture a small part of it through our digital cameras or our drawings. Each one of us can stop time for just a split second and share that single moment with the rest of the world – and sometimes, often when we least expect it, that moment will touch a very intimate nerve within those who see it and enrich their lives spontaneously, even if just for a fleeting moment.

This is why I love photography. I look through my sister Ineta’s photos, my beautiful girlfriend Angela’s – some of them are just so amazing. And neither of them considers herself a professional, not by a long shot.

This is why I love photography. And this is why I created this site. And this is why I want to encourage everyone to take photos.

I don’t care who you are or what type of camera you use, you have the power to capture the beauty of life through a single click of a button – and remind someone, even half the world away, what a wonderful place we live in.

Photo credit: Darwin Bell

8 Responses to You Are So Talented

  1. sharon says:
    WOW! I love your site! And you are so talented.. Keep it up! :)
  2. Markus says:
    Thanks Sharon, I appreciate the kind words.
  3. Mig Bardsley says:
    I absolutely totally agree.
    there are so many millions of great photographers out there and still, fresh and wonderful things appear on Flickr every day:)
  4. Ineta says:
    I love your site! You are the best! :)
  5. Dorothy says:
    I know you wrote this almost 2 years ago. What an incredibly beautiful, inspiring thought. You articulated perfectly why I love photography so much.
  6. ellen says:
    just discovered this site and I think its amazing and very helpful, always looking for new ways to take pictures havnt had a wow one for a while. Thanks
  7. Markus says:
    Thanks Dorothy & Ellen! I appreciate your kind words back.
  8. Diana Florez says:
    i love how people like you make a difference in life. It is great to know that you are encouraging others to believe in themselves.GOD BLESS YOU.

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